VAT Checker

Validate your business partners’ information using only their VAT number

Powerful VAT check tool for Salesforce

Astapor VAT Checker for Salesforce checks your account’s VAT number validity against the EU VIES service. The registered company name and address for the VAT number are then automatically stored in your account record.

No need to leave Salesforce to validate your business partner’s VAT details.

And it’s all for free!

How it works

We have built a specific set of VAT-related fields on the standard Account object. You just need to provide the country code and VAT number for your account, and the VIES service will return the registration details for your business partner.

A full audit trail is provided as a custom object that can be used for reporting.

The validation is asynchronous, so you don’t need to wait for the VIES service to respond on the spot. We are also providing a validation batch so you can schedule a check on the entire database at your leisure.

Download Astapor VAT Checker for Salesforce here. Please contact us if you need any custom functionality.

Download our powerful Salesforce enhancements

Pricing: free! We are offering the only free VAT checker app in the marketplace

  • 100% native Salesforce app
  • Retrieve your account’s registered company name and address based on their VAT number
  • Full audit trail for VIES web service inquiries
  • Lightning ready
  • Asynchronous VAT check so you don’t need to wait for the validation result to continue
  • Possibility for batch scheduling, so the validation is already done when you get to work!

Video Demo: How to check VAT in Salesforce

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